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We are constantly working towards the health concerns of people in India by providing running programs and drives.

Indian healthcare synopsis presents a spectrum of contrasting landscapes. At one end of the spectrum are the huge steel and glass structures delivering high tech Medicare, mostly to urban India. At the other end are the crumbling outposts in the isolated reaches of the “other India” trying seriously to live up to their status as health subcenters, expecting to be transformed to shrines of health and wellness. With the rapid pace of change currently being witnessed, this spectrum is likely to stretch further, presenting even more complexity in the future.

NTSPL intrusions in the health sector work to enhance access to quality health services for the destitute and marginalised communities. By recognising the root causes of healthcare difficulties, NTSPL Foundation works at the community, individual and systemic standards to develop effective solutions and assist implement quality healthcare services.

Our work with village groups, collaborative work with the state administration and civil society organisations include result-oriented strategies to better the health and nutrition status of the most deprived and barred groups, especially women and children. We have already organized health camps to create awareness among underprivileged, allowing them to acquire right information.

The several areas of healthcare system performance addressed by NTSPLs projects involve enhancing the quality of services for motherly and reproductive health, child health and nourishment, and quick identification and treatment of infectious diseases such as Tuberculosis (TB), pneumonia, Kala Azar, and HIV.

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