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Mr. Sagar Mohanty Profile Photo

Mr. Sagar Mohanty

Chief Functionary / Chairman

I am pleased that we introduced NTSPL Foundation, which laid down a remarkable milestone towards sustainability. For me, NTSPL Foundation is not just an organization, but it is a way of expressing my gratitude to the society that has given me a lot in return. Before laying the foundation, I came across a lot of people who partook my vision for an ideal society and aspired to bring positive change.

Today, I am glad that these people are part of my team and they treat NTSPL Foundation as their own. My team is very proactive with eagerness and an unparalleled dedication and working for the betterment of our society. Without their support, we wouldn’t have been successful in changing so many lives.

NTSPL Foundation is not just ensuring education for the underprivileged but it is also empowering many young lives. We empower women to support their families and also take care of their health, ensuring proper sanitation facilities for every individual across untouched regions.

We promise to support the elderly, destitute, and people affected by the catastrophe in India. We are not just an NGO, but a team of common people who believe in empathy and doing something for the underprivileged of our country.