A Memorable Visit to Old Age Home

NTSPL believes in reaching out to the local communities and helping out the needy people. Saturday was the day for all NTSPLian as we paid a visit to Asha kiran Old Age Home. There, we met many old people who are destitute, sick and abandoned by family and those uprooted by disasters. These people had good times in their early life. But, after being abandoned by their children, they had no option but to reside at an old-age home. They had pain and feeling of sorrow in their heart for their loved ones, but they had no other way. The feeling that we all experienced there is unexplainable.

It’s really a commendable job by Asha Kiran Home, that they give shelter to many old people. All the members of Asha Kiran Home are so gentle and they really care for them.

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