We empower women to fight against abusement and stand up for their rights by boosting their morale to speak up.

Women empowerment has become a new bandwagon in the present society. A woman’s thought process has been moulded, keeping in mind that she will move to another house after marriage. In the name of respect, culture, and tradition, women encounter numerous obstacles. They’re mentally or sexually harassed and abused.

If we want to bring a change in society, it is important that every woman get the required education and become self-independent. Many people of India, in different states, believe that women have no rights to put their opinion, be upfront. This is why men often end their marriage by giving divorce or start mentally destroying the spouse. The reason why women agree to everything and tolerate abusement is that; even her own parents don’t support her. Many women end up their own life or are killed by in-laws and sadly, sometimes by her own parents. Moreover, even a widow in our society is not safe. They also encounter difficulties be it forced marriages or sexual harassment.

There are innumerable NGOs assisting women to come out of hell life and do something for themselves. We at NTSPL Foundation reach out to women in backward regions and try to educate women on various aspects as knowledge is the most powerful thing in today’s modern world. We train them in different job professions to improve their skills and help them raise money for their own children. NTSPL has done some tremendous work when it comes to women empowerment because we understand the importance of a woman in society.