Our team support people to improve their lifestyle or at least afford basic amenities by upgrading their skills, allowing them to raise money.

India is a developing nation, but is continuously struggling with the poverty. There are lakhs of people who cannot afford basic amenities due to lack of capability to earn stable income in life. Many people lose everything due to catastrophes or economic crisis. A country’s livelihood is satisfactory when it is able to cope with the people’s healing from such disasters.

Our skilling & livelihood programmes help the underprivileged, especially women, children and homeworkers that resides in marginalised communities. We empower them by making them aware, giving knowledge and giving access to various opportunities. We believe in a changed society and promote the enabling and gender-transformative milieu by engaging people and other big personalities in our campaigns.

Team NTSPL gives numerous easy access and numerous opportunities to underprivileged women over productive resources, taking care of their food intake, especially nutrition; along with shaping their abilities in climate change resilience.

NTSPL Foundation mainly concentrates on helping women from untouched districts, making sure they earn their livelihoods by training on them non-agricultural activities. We strive hard to reach the untouched areas of India and support people who are willing to enhance their skills and raise money. With open hands, we welcome people who have the courage and expertise to rise and shine.