Let us together bring change in the society by letting the needy acquire proper education and improve their knowledge.

The first thing that ignites in our minds when we think about education is gaining knowledge. Education is a medium which provides people with knowledge, technique, information, and skill that enables them to know their rights and duties toward their family, society as well as the country. It extends vision and viewpoint to see the world. It develops the capabilities to fight against inequality, corruption, violence, and many other bad elements in society.

If we talk about India, even today you would find hundreds of girls in the backward region that do not get an education. They’re forcefully married to double the age of man and then rest is history. We at NTSPL Foundation reach out to such areas and provide education to girls and women. We understand that education plays an important role when it comes to decision making we want to empower the girls to make a better decision for themselves and shine bright in their career by acquiring knowledge.
Education also helps in raising money. We ensure every girl receives education or we train them we some different skills set to raise money for their family or kids. NTSPL Foundation has been continuously working towards this society drawback and bringing the change in the country.

Our goal is to improve the lives of people residing in untouched areas. We partner with different schooling organizations and strive to provide free education to everyone who deserves.