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During a natural crisis, we immediately deploy our team to assist the sufferers and provide them with necessary amenities.

Disaster risks in India are getting intensified by rising vulnerabilities related to shifting demographics, unplanned urbanization, socio-economic conditions, and development within high-risk zones, environmental degradation, unprecedented epidemics and pandemics. All these factors have formed a situation where disasters severely endanger the sustainable development of the country, besides countless lives and livelihoods.

 India witnesses all types of climate and is highly vulnerable to several natural calamities due to its geographical positioning. According to the report published by National Disaster Management Authority, Govt. of India, Odisha is the worst hit state due to floods and cyclone as the complete state resides beside the coastline.

You can check the history of cyclones that have brutally affected Odisha, beginning from 1999 Odisha witnessed the most powerful winds that arrived at a speed of 276 km/h, 2013 winds, 2014, 2018, and the most recent 2020. These cyclones have destroyed several lives and well-being of humans, despite taking necessary precautions by government. NTSPL Foundation, with its welfare invasions that work for affected families to save the humankind in times of such catastrophes under our Disaster Management Program. We provided all the basic amenities to the needy by raising donations serving the poor.

NTSPL Foundation has responded promptly to reach out and react to the paramount needs of the disaster struck people, while also keeping a sustainable strategy to help them rebuild their lives by facilitating them with healthcare, education, and livelihood.

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