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We take care of the aged elderly by taking them to old age home and pushing them to raise money for themselves.

As people are becoming modern and moving rapidly with the changing environment, somewhere this generation is forgetting about their parents. Many are just overlooking the people who are the reason for their existence. There are a rising number of old-age homes in India from which maximum elderly are abandoned by their son. People are unable to accept the fact that one day they will also become old.

Every deprived elderly has their own story, which is emotional and touching, empowering us to do something better for them. And so NTSPL Foundation took the charge! Our team take care of disadvantaged elderly by sheltering them, opportunities to generate money, and spend their livelihood happily. We reach to different parts of the country to help deprived elderly, creating family like environment for them.

We understand that fullfilling their life with all the happiness is impossible, but we try our best. We motivate them to live the coming years of life with proud and happiness. We help them to cope up with loneliness, depression, and all the mental stress. We have provided grocery kits and other useful support to many old age homes.

At this age, having innumerable physical issues is natural and NTSPL Foundation runs some healthcare programs for disadvantaged elderly, striving to give them proper treatment. NTSPL has been continuously contributing towards the empowerment of disadvantaged elderly in India.

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