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" Business is the economic engine of our Western culture, and if it could be transformed to truly serve nature as well as ourselves, it could become essential to our rescue."


NTSPL Foundation invites and offers many opportunities for people to contribute to our work by sharing or acquiring experiences with or through us. Volunteering is a passion and we encourage you to volunteer by taking part through different activities and programs. Everyone is welcome to volunteer. The work that a volunteer does is fundamental to the success of NTSPL Foundation.

We know that volunteers bring with them many innovative ideas that we can use to achieve our goals. New volunteers are often the driving force which can propel our organization forward and help us to fulfill our mission. Our volunteers are given an opportunity to participate in every aspect of our work.

We welcomes new volunteers with open arms and we provide you with the needed information before you take up any volunteering position.


Our work is a voluntary and depends on generous donors like you. Your support will sustain visionary projects geared to improve the lots of people someday around the world.Every donation/ support, regardless of the amount, is indispensable and essential to our work. So we appreciate you supporting us today.

Your contribution to various projects is necessary in continuous and smooth running of these projects it will help us in better and more accurate planning as we would be having uninterrupted resources at our execution . Either you can donate in any of our project or to the foundation as a whole. You can either donate in cash or kind depending on the need of the project. You can donate a pair of slippers, or books or a plate of meal too.

We need a whole hearted contribution, so that our financial constraints can be overcome in executing our projects. You can also sponsor the event prizes or the food and other things distributed to the children.

Contact Us to know how you can help.